Going (more) Digital!

Published: 2022-03-23 01:42

Video games have now turned into industrial automation and Meccano is replaced by programming Home Assistant in the sofa. Needless to say, my interest in technology persists! A good part of my day is spent on interacting with digital technology in one way or another, at work, during commute and in my spare time. I love it!

Digital inventions on a daily basis

At Essity, we’ve always had an eye out for new tech. In my office there are both 3D-printers, digital sensors, logs and handheld computers for machine operators. As a process engineer it is part of my mission to make new machines and advanced digital tools applicable to real production problems.

Forget that pulp and tissue are only mechanical systems, every machine has a touch screen nowadays. Want to learn more of what we do at Essity to lead through digitalization? Click on this link: https://www.essity.com/innovation-at-essity/digitalization/

How digital is your dog?

Digital tools should always be helping people. Not only creating more efficient systems, but also caring for each other. One of my best digital home automation projects is the digitalization of our dog. She now has an RFID dog-tag that lets the robot vacuum cleaner know if the dog is home. Vacuuming can then wait until no one is home, happy dog! I highly recommend testing home automation if you are interested in technology. Motion-controlled lights and optimized EV-charging is a fun hobby. 

Have you ever needed to recharge your padlock to get home from work?

We sometimes forget that digital tools require care, “it should just work”, but networks and servers also need maintenance. Note to self: fingerprint padlocks for your locker requires to be recharged… 

//Rasmus (first photo taken by drone during blogging)


Ellinor Karlberg Holst
05 april 2022

Interesting and fun article Rasmus!

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