My role models

Published: 2022-03-25 02:45

In this final post of mine I would like to highlight a few of my colleagues and role models that I’ve met during my first years here at Essity. I’ve gotten the chance to learn from the best, and many of my role models at Essity just happen to be women!

Living our values

At Essity we bring in our Beliefs and Behaviors in everything we do, big and small. Courage, Care, Commitment and Collaboration are words that really means something to me and my colleagues here at Edet Mill. The following are just a few examples.

When arriving at a new workplace there is always a lot to see and learn. My first Manager at Essity, Linnea, took great care in not only showing me, but also listening.

She motivated me to do my very best as a newly graduated engineer arriving to our busy tissue mill.

The same goes for “the Ladies” at Shift E that took me in for an intensive course in machine knowledge. The collaboration in my first team is something I’ll always keep close to my heart, and I’m sure it will outlast both Linnea and me – rock on! 

And the list goes on

I got to be part of a start-up team responsible for starting a new production line at our site. I met many great colleagues during this time, but the outstanding courage and care from the Operator Safety Representative Isabel was something special. She was always bringing cookies, laughter and reflections to the table – a great combination! 

Susanna, my closest Process Engineer colleague, is another great example of the collaborative people Essity engaged in the start-up team. Her commitment is always an inspiration, especially her passion to really understand how things work.  

We definitely need even more female role models in our manufacturing sites. If you are an Engineer or aspire to become one, have a look at this film: https://www.essity.com/company/diversity-equity-inclusion/diversity-and-inclusion-within-essity/

And yes, there’s a bunch of great guys working in Essity as well, but let’s talk about them another time 😉 



Ellinor Karlberg Holst
05 april 2022

Vilken fin hyllning!

Eva Backlund Strid
25 mars 2022

Så härligt att få läsa din inlägg denna vecka !

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