My start at Essity and being LGTBQ+ in the corporate world

Published: 2021-06-16 09:37

Today I’ll be opening the blog post the traditional Swedish influencer way by saying: hej, hej bloggen!, which basically means “hi blog!” in a hip way. Today I’ll be focusing on a personal anecdote on the way I was welcomed to Essity. Furthermore, I’ll describe what leadership is to me and connect it to my experiences regarding work-life at Essity. 

My anxiety when starting at Essity…

More than half a year has passed since I joined the Sustainability, Products and Services (SPS) group at Essity. Changing jobs during COVID-19 felt strange and uncertain, however, the thought of learning all the hows of operationalising sustainability within Essity assured me that it was the right thing to do. However, starting with a new position you’ve never had before in a new company can be quite the nervous thing, especially if you belong to the LGTBQ+ community. For me, being a gay white cis-man, joining a new team can be quite the anxious thing due to the fear of potentially experiencing discrimination based on sexuality, both direct or in the form of micro-aggressions. 

Me and my partner, Adam, at my sister’s wedding last year

My worries were quickly put to rest because of the open atmosphere I felt once I joined the company. For me it’s important that I can express myself my way and that I feel comfortable with letting people know of my sexuality. My colleagues were nothing short of amazing and they quickly went their way to make sure I felt at home. This great warmth is not exclusive to our group! When working at such a global company at a support unit as I do, you are bound to meet many different colleagues outside of your team. I’ve found that people at Essity are very friendly and especially to new people. I’ve discussed this with other new Essity employees and they all agree on this.  

This all boils down to great leadership…

… at a company level, from the highest segment down to the smallest units, that lies on the great foundation of acceptance, being open to differences and most of all looking actively to include these. Maybe it’s inevitable that such a culture takes place due to the fact that this company exists because of how closely aligned its bravery in combatting taboos, by breaking barriers to well-being, is to the success of the overall business? I’d say that this fact alone makes it quite easy to conclude that it’s easy to be an LBTQ+ ally at a company like Essity. 
Have a good one and stay tuned for my last post this Friday!  




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