Staying in the Circular Loop

Published: 2022-03-21 03:15

Hi there, 

Welcome to my first post at the Life at Essity blog! I’m Rasmus, a 27-year old engineer working at Essity’s Tissue mill in Lilla Edet. The Lilla Edet mill is home to two quite unique things that I will talk more about in this post, namely the World’s first fossil free mill and Tork paper circle. 

My background

I’m born and raised close to nature. During my childhood there was always something to do in the garden, an urgent need to help out at our uncle’s farm or time for a nice forest walk with the family dog. At the farm there were both cattle and adorable lambs/sheep. We helped with hay harvest during the summer and animal care during the spring. The local farmers lately started collecting the biological waste for upcycling.

Recently that very neighboring forest has become something more than just a nice place to have a walk. My family and I’ve become part of the circular loop that is modern silviculture.

We’re now talking climate change, biotope protection and forestry at the kitchen table! What trees are best suited for lumber? What areas should be protected and what is the best use for logs that are not meeting the quality standard for the pulp industry? 

The next level of sustainability

At Essity, we take a similar approach to our business as my family. It’s all about using resources in the most effective way and to ensure that they can be reused as many times and as easily as possible.

In Lilla Edet we use mostly recycled fibers (newspaper, office waste) to make new products. As a meticulous “Källsorterare” it feels great to know that it makes a difference. Last year, we launched the next step in recycled fibers, namely using our own used Tork hand towels and put them directly in the process to make new paper. This enables us to use the resources given to us by nature in a more effective way.

Did you know that the world’s first co2-free production of tissue is occurring in Lilla Edet since January 1:st? Turns out that the waste from my uncle’s farm came to good use as biogas in our papermachines


Let’s continue to close the loop together, just like my family!  




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