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Ellinor Karlberg Holst

Ellinor Karlberg Holst
Ellinor Karlberg HolstDigital Workplace Adoption Specialist
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Välkommen till min blogg på Life at Essity! Du får följa med in i min vardag som Digital Workplace Adoption Specialist på vår IT-avdelning. Då utveckling och lärande är viktigt för mig kommer detta vara betydelsefulla hörnstenar i min blogg tillsammans med inlägg om den digitala arbetsplatsen och hur det är att jobba på Essity i Mölndal.

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And so we are finally here. It is the middle of the Christmas month and on Sunday is the 13th of December when we celebrate the memory of Lucia – a bearer of light (and treats ;-)) On visitsweden.com this is written about the Lucia day: Lucia Day – also called Saint Lucy’s day – […]

Approaching end November and the Corona pandemic has wrapped another layer of its cold, grey, depressing blanket over the world. For us here is Sweden the recently changed restrictions has impacted us greatly with social gatherings being limited to 8 persons with cancelled events and closed venues as a result. In the mist of Swedish […]

Longing for the mountains

12 oktober, 2020

The fall has started to wrap a big, wet and cold embrace around the Gothenburg area. I do like the autumn, with the fantastic colours, lighting a fire, the fresh air and weekends in the garden and forest. Sounds amazing right? There is a catch. I am conveniently not saying anything about the rain. The […]

As a part of my job as a Digital Workplace Adoption Specialist at Essity I conduct a lot of training sessions and presentations on various subjects but mostly related to Digital Workplace or presentation skills. Training people in a virtual classroom is both very similar and very different from face-to-face training and there are several […]

När jag började på Essity i augusti 2019, fick vårt team ytterligare en ny kollega som var en intern rekrytering. Denna person var Annika Ebersjö och vi har jobbat tätt ihop ända sen vi började jobba tillsammans. Jag tycker mycket om att arbeta med Annika eftersom hon är en riktig lagspelare med massor med idéer […]

At Essity in Gothenburg, just like in many other companies, we find ourselves in a new and worrying situation due to the Coronavirus disease that is rapidly spreading around the world.  At Essity we now have three major priorities: To protect the employees’ health and safety. We are doing this by encouraging all office employees […]

Six months and counting!

13 februari, 2020

Six months. Half a year. And what a half year it has been! I am one of those people who dive into lots of things at once. I want to be everywhere and try everything! This was of course also the case when I started working at Essity in August 2019 and as the possibilities […]

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