Learn Digital Workplace – an individual Digital Workplace learning journey at Essity

Published: 2020-06-17 09:35

Me hosting a digital party!

We are live!

What an amazing feeling to have launched the internal Learn Digital Workplace program here at Essity after 10 months of hard work. I have been the project leader for this project and now seeing the finished product is a real treat!

Choices and Concept

Learning, in a modern context, is moving away from ”pushing” out long and heavy modules to the users and instead moving towards a ”pull” approach where the users can have more freedom in regards to when and how they consume a short and user-friendly learning material.

We also of course wanted to be modern in our learning approach in this project. However, what we found during the last couple of years is that it is hard in a big organization like Essity to get everyone on board regardless of how many videos, games, one-pagers, step by step guides and competitions we do.

So we had to think of a complement to all the other efforts that we were doing in regards to Office 365 training at Essity. And therefore we chose a more classic push approach for this project, with mandatory one hour long e-learnings, but of course always with a fun and modern touch and feel.

We chose a cartoon style e-learning with upbeat music and playful interactive elements including professional voice over, a well thought through concept and subtitles in several languages.

Our two START e-learnings evolves around the concept of making you more productive as an individual and more productive as a team member.

Things to think about before you start..

Creating an e-learning or other training material takes more effort and resources than you might think. There is so many aspects to consider, among others;

  • Target audience – Who is this material meant for?
  • What is their current level of knowledge?
  • What is their current level of motivation?
  • How to make the material relevant, interesting, modern and fun? (avoiding the typical e-learning snoozefest)
  • Communication – How do we reach the target audience?
  • Anchoring – Do we have our senior leaders on board?
  • Technical aspects – constraints, licences, accesses – How do we make it work?
  • Languages – Do we need to translate or subtitle the material? (again, considering at the target audience)
  • Budget/resources – what can we do with the money and resources we have?

Key success factors in this project

So lots to consider before the project and during it as well but now after the project it is easy to identify some of the things that made this project a really good one:

A clear vision

We knew what we wanted to achieve (reach everyone with a high quality training) and we early had a vision of what the end product was going to look like.

A dedicated and driven core team

I worked with the BEST team for this project. Dedicated, creative and determined to deliver to best quality product to our end users.

A reasonable budget

We had a reasonable but not endless budget.
We made something great with what we had!

Leadership Engagement

It was very important to have our senior leaders onboard and supporting the continuance of the internal digital journey at Essity.
And they were onboard, cheering us on all the way!

A kick ass communication campaign

The importance of the communications campaign should not be underestimated.

The series of news articles on our Intranet together with numerous presentations in Townhall and network meetings and of course our very special digital launch parties made this communication campaign both successful and impactful (despite the fact that we could not stick to the original plan due to COVID-19).

Party time!!

To celebrate the launch, our team conducted our very first digital launch parties. These took place in conjunction with the launch of the Learn Digital Workplace program. It was a bit of nervousness involved as we had never attempted one of these before and we felt it needed to be a success.

And what a success it has been!!

Over 3000 Essity employees joined one of our 12 Digital parties and we had a lot of fun interacting and playing games with everyone 🙂

Me hosting a digital party!

What was the party schedule?

The parties started with a nice house beat to get us in the mood for the party. From the start we were aiming for lots of chit-chat and a very active MS Teams chat and this paid off, making the sessions very interactive.

Our Internal Digital Experience Director, Elena Tabares, started off by welcoming everyone and introduced our short, fun Learn Digital Workplace teaser video.

The presentation then proceeded with our local language party host (I was one of them) who took two minutes to describe the project and what to do and after that we started with our fun games.

The Learn Digital Workplace digital party hosts! (from left) Ellinor Karlberg Holst, Katarina Mannerfelt (English), Nadine Calac (French), Stefani (German), Anna Kuznetsova (Russian) and Elena Tabares (Spanish)

We had a two minute word search where the participants were finding words and writing those in the chat.

This game was followed by a game of cave drawings where the participants had to guess which word or concept the drawings represented and shout out the answer or write it in the chat.

Can you guess the word?

Finally, we ended the party with a fun video from the Internal Digital Experience team telling everybody to:

Learn Digital Workplace!

Of course I could never have done this project alone. So I want to take the opportunity to thank Lynn for all of your amazing, fantastic, unbelievably cool work, the entire Internal Digital Experience team for your ideas, testing, support and hard work, our party hosts for your energy and commitment, our supporting leaders, our translation partner, the local language proof readers, the reference groups and last but not least the e-learning and party participants of course!

Thank you!
You have been truly amazing.


Giulia Salvestroni
18 juni 2020

It´s been a success: combining useful information in a funny it´s not easy, and you made a great job!
Congratulations to the whole team!

Annika Ebersjö
17 juni 2020

You and Lynn have been awsome in this project, the Digital parties were fantastic and so interactive even though we had almost 300 participants in the parties. It was creative, cool and creative!

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Ellinor Karlberg Holst

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Ellinor Karlberg Holst

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Ellinor Karlberg Holst

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Ellinor Karlberg Holst

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Ellinor Karlberg Holst

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