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Giulia Salvestroni

Giulia Salvestroni
Giulia SalvestroniProcurement Operations
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The fourth page of my passport reveals that Giulia is the name the world knows me by and that Italy is the country I left when I moved to Sweden to undertake a life-changing experience. Every morning I start my day at Essity as part of Procurement Operations. Through this collaboration I´d love to inspire, talk about courage and share enthusiasm and passion that I believe to be keys to motivation

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3…0 is a magic number

July 23, 2019

Actually it’s just a number. But when it comes to numbers, it can be way beyond a graphic collection of curved lines. They can represent something. A bunch of colorful shades, meaningful memories or a milestone in our life path. That’s the magic of numbers. 30 can be an age: the one I have recently […]

The person who invented courage didn’t provide its instruction booklet. I have been trying to write it myself – as probably the majority of us do – when I started to pick up some pieces of it along my way.   What we are called to do is definitively not an easy task to perform: write […]

Ciao Essity!

May 27, 2019

  Can you imagine a warm laugh under pouring rain, a macchiato freddo on a shining green meadow, or a pizza with banana and curry on top (of course you Swedish readers do, but let me tell you that this can’t be called p-i-z-z-a!)? This is how I feel when I am asked to describe myself […]

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