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Giulia Salvestroni

Giulia Salvestroni
Giulia SalvestroniProcurement Operations
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The fourth page of my passport reveals that Giulia is the name the world knows me by and that Italy is the country I left when I moved to Sweden to undertake a life-changing experience. Every morning I start my day at Essity as part of Procurement Operations. Through this collaboration I´d love to inspire, talk about courage and share enthusiasm and passion that I believe to be keys to motivation

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Linda Majerowicz and Palin Wisarutnart definitely do, and if you got to know them, you would have no doubts too! A good team vibe is like the aroma of bread: you can perceive it from far away. And this is the sensation I get when I observe the interaction between Linda and Palin.Could I refrain […]

Can you keep a secret?

October 21, 2020

Some of you have been following Life at Essity since the beginning of my writing adventure but in case you were a new comer, you can find out about my starting line right here. Nevertheless, if you asked the returning readers for some hints, they might summarize me with a couple of words: curious individual. […]

The tiramisú was staring at us in the middle of the table, imploring to be eaten. This is how my chat with Kevin and Diviezetha started. Its goal was to dig a bit deeper into R&D department and my homemade tiramisú gave me the opportunity to do it with the help of a spoon. It […]

A gaze, a crack in the tone of voice, a body movement. Every part of us can communicate, especially when we are afraid. Fear is a great engine, a powerful emotion. As the word itself says, it puts lots of things into motion. Due to agitation we happen to take wrong decisions, make mistakes or […]

It’s times like these you learn to live again It’s times like these you give and give again It’s times like these you learn to love again It’s times like these, time and time again Foo Fighters – Times Like These These guys beyond a heap of music instruments nailed the perfect message for this […]

Everybody knows at least one person who transmits a sense of security – most probably your brain has just taken few seconds to think about those in your existence. This type of person normally represents a point of reference in our life system: it could be somebody at home, a contact in our address book […]

Rough and tough are assonances currently associated to this period that is hitting all of us but it´s in these kinds of moments that keeping the focus on commitment and holding a smile becomes essential. Our colleagues are working hard to mantain the production levels at an adequate speed and capacity to supply indispensable hygiene […]

Ready, set… GO!

February 20, 2020

Many interesting faces have walked our way and visited Essity´s stand at CHARM2020: curiosity, passion and smart questions have dominated the conversations run between Essity ambassadors and young students approaching the job market with a lot of enthusiasm! A huge excitement has raised when we mentioned the awaited return of an unquestioned protagonist among Essity […]

A journey called innovation

January 28, 2020

The sensation of feeling slightly vintage had never bothered me till the moment somebody’s attention was struck by my mp3 player: “Are you seriously still using this to listen to music?” I got asked. Technology has taken an impressive pace in the last decades so that every discovery gets quickly replaced by a new update […]

Full stop. New line!

January 3, 2020

The time has come: this is the typical moment when everybody is wrapping up projects, open points in life and trying to connect some dots by drawing a line. The classical period when everyone is writing down wishes, making promises to themselves and closing ideal negotiations on new resolutions. You clock your eyes and the […]

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