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Mikaël Sanglier

Mikaël Sanglier
Mikaël SanglierSourcing Process Analyst
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Welcome to the blog of a frog lost in Sweden since 2017! Working as a sourcing process analyst in Lilla Edet, you will discover here my daily challenges involving data analysis, change management, and trainings either locally in Lilla Edet or globally with colleagues spread all around the world, but also the narrow relationship between this activity and my addiction to sports.

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My Life at Essity blogs will take a small brake and come back with a brand new format. And before this reborn I needed to reveal this secret. I am Spider-man. Well, I’m not exactly THE Spider-man, but as all kids know, there is not only one Santa. There is THE Santa, who lives somewhere […]

The wind of change

18 februari, 2021

Beginning of February, it has been announced that Global Sourcing will transform its organization. This implies a lot of changes, our roles will evolve, so will do our daily tasks and routines, in the seek of flexibility and efficiency. Such evolution is common for all global companies, and when you have such big projects as […]

Let’s go for the second part of the marathonist spirit. As in the race, it was quite comfortable to clear the first half. But it’s a long run and now begin the troubles… Knowing yourself. ”Know thyself” said Aeschylus , Socrates and Plato. As stakeholder in a project, it’s good to know the way you’re […]


Marathon. 8 letters that have a particular signification in the running world. For some people, it’s a great occasion to take a nap in front of the TV when it’s time for New York’s, Berlin’s or Paris’ races. For some others, it’s a holy grail to conquer after several weeks, months or even years of […]

Avoid meeting nightmares

6 oktober, 2020

We’ve all been through this at least once: staring at graphs on a powerpoint during three hours, wondering why we are here, letting our mind escaping from this cell, leaving us on this chair with an empty sight. Inefficient and useless meetings. It’s a kind of disease of the modern companies. You thought that being […]

The little extra steps.

3 september, 2020

Idrefjäll , august 2020. The marathon has been cancelled but it’s out of question to stay in the cabin without trying the track, even all by myself. Sure, the conditions will not be the same as for a race event, sur there will not be the public cheering up the runners, communicating their energy to […]

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