Do you know what you need to feel good today, tomorrow and in the next years?

Published: 2020-09-25 10:51


I hope you are well and doing good!

I have a question for You: How do you know that you are feeling well and healthy? And do you know what you need in order to take care of your health to feel good today and in the future?

I have been working with health and wellbeing, in different ways, for approx. 15 years and one of my conclusions around health and wellbeing is: Creating a healthy lifestyle is simple- but for sure not always so easy…

Will sit-ups help you creating a solid base for a healthy lifestyle?

Our health and wellbeing is based on some basic contributing factors;

  • Healthy social relationships with high trust
  • Regular physical activity and exercise
  • A varied and healthy diet, that gives you energy and nutrients
  • Personal development & Mental stimuli
  • Enough sleep and regular cognitive recovery

Conclusion: Simple in theory, but definitely not so easy in real life.

Another common fallacy is that you think Health is all about accomplishments, or occasional actions/activities. “If only I drink this green smoothie”, “if only I get out on that morning walk” or “if only I manage to pull x kg in deadlift”- THEN I will feel fine and become healthy. Sorry to say, but a long term, sustainable health and lifestyle demands more than just sporadic and occasional actions or performances. Just like other successful outcomes in life- your health and wellbeing is build on series of choices.

To create a solid base for a long term, sustainable health, we need to start with our “why” before we move on to the “how”. Moreover, it is about finding routines and habits that we can maintain for a longer period of time, which means we have to take care of our health every single day. For it to work in life and not just in theory, we need to simplify, lower thresholds and find our own thing. A healthy lifestyle is supposed to GIVE you energy, not take it from you, or being just another pressing demand on your already long to-do-list.

Virtual coffee with your colleagues is also beneficial for your health and joy at work.

Good health is a condititon to have enough energy to be able to handle life’s adversities (which we all encounter from time to time) but as important for life’s joys and opportunities. Do you agree? Because who wants to miss a chance or opportunity in life due to low energy, stress or depression?

At Essity, we have a framework for how we are striving to our objective to be a Healthy workplace to empower employees to have a sustainable working life. The framework is based on the World Health Organization, WHO’s definition of health, which means it includes both the physical, mental and social well-being.

Some weeks ago we had our annual Essity Global Health and Safety Week (GHSW), where we focus a bit more than usual on the area of Health and Safety at work. This year, due to Corona, the subject might have been more important and relevant than ever before. Covid-19, and the virus itself, is not the only thing that affects our health and well-being, we know that our health also is impacted by indirect factors due to Covid-19 such as anxiety, social isolation, poor work life balance while working from home, relationship problems, grief of the loss of relatives, higher risk of alcohol abuse, stress, uncertainty over the future etc.

During GHSW 2020 we were able to make full use of our digital tools, to be able to share our Global Health and Safety Week activities worldwide!
During GHSW, we offered daily Home Office Workouts to improve flexibility, posture and reduce risk of pain or discomfort for employees working from home. Oscar, professional coach learned us how to do it the right and most fun way!

During the GHSW Essity offered a number of different activities, digital lectures and virtual workout sessions. The purpose of this week is to facilitate and motivate a sustainable healthy lifestyle for everyone. The ambition is also that all employees finds at least one activity that they find relevant and interesting for their specific individual life situation but also that the activities during this week contributes to new knowledge, motivation and inspiration to help us create or maintain long term sustainable habits and a lifestyle that makes us feel good and energized in a long perspective.

Me and my college Anneli are talking about the synergies between Group development, Team spirit and a healthy workplace.
Yin Yoga session, to increase mobility and give new energy- but also recovery for your mind.​

Another important aspect of Essity’s GHSW is that we aim to contribute to a better physical, as well as mental and social health and the activities are aligned and connected to our framework for healthy workplaces and sustainable working lifes. Sessions about Alcohol & drug awareness, Work Life Balance, Time Management and Self leadership skills where all parts of improving mental health and stress resilience during the week.

Professor Micael Dahlén joined and speaked about Happiness at work- a really inspiring lecture that both gave us new learnings- but also made us laugh a lot!

Global Health and Safety Week at Essity became a huge success and I am so happy and grateful to work at a company where Health is a part of our DNA, and flows through the whole organization.

Before I say good bye for now, I would like to give you some concluding questions for self reflection and increased self awareness. The purpose is that these questions can give you a start- to discover why and how You can get going with your routines and habits for your sustainable health!

  • Do I know what I need for my own sustainable health and well-being, today, tomorrow and in the long term?
  • What gives me energy? At work and in my private life? Why?
  • What mindset/routines/habits contributes to my health & wellbeing? How can I keep this?
  • Is there any roadblocks, or something I want to change in order to improve my health & wellbeing? What must be changed? Why?
  • What is the next step? How & what?
  • Do I need support? From who?

Take care, stay healthy and safe!

Good bye from me for this time.
To me, a daily walk or run is an important part of my individual health and self care. My daily walk/jog gives me both time to reflect, and well needed movement to give balance to all the time I spend sitting still in virtual meetings. In addition, to spend time in nature, and breath the fresh air, makes me so grateful. This very nice and very pink running T-shirt also makes me happy!

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Sofi Vilahamn

Health and Safety Manager

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Mer från Sverige
Sofi Vilahamn

Health and Safety Manager

Sofi Vilahamn

Health and Safety Manager

Har du varit snäll i år?
21 december, 2020